SaveAwn Awning Reinforcement systems are designed to reinforce and support your electric awning.
And best of all, NO LADDERS are needed to deploy for use. SaveAwn can be set up and taken down in just a few minutes, all without risking the use of a dangerous ladder while on the road.

Why choose SaveAwn?

SaveAwn is fully focused on BOTH down force with the pole, as well as upward force with the tie down, in order to negate the pull against your rig

Absolutely NO ladder is needed (after initial installation) in order to utilize the benefits of SaveAwn

SaveAwn does not require any additional modifications once the bracket is installed

SaveAwn adds versatility to your awning that you never even knew existed


Lighting Adapter benefits

With the supplied integrated lighting adapter plate, SaveAwn can be use with a variety of rope lights, string lights or decorations.

With a little creativity, you can hang just about anything!


After deploying your awning;
1. Attach the Tie down Bracket to the Pole, and attach the Tie down to the Bracket.
2. Screw the Pole into the Receiver and stretch to meet the ground.
3. Secure the Tie Down … And Viola ..
Your awning is secure, and can now withstand winds of up to 25 miles an hour.

You’re asking yourself, that’s pretty cool. But what about my Lights?

In addition to protecting your awning, we have come up with an awesome way to hang those beautiful awning lights that have been giving you so many problems… and without a ladder.

Simply add the light hanging carabiners on to the Tie Down bracket before attaching to the extension pole, attach one side of the lights to the Tie Down Adapter and screw the pole into the receiver as you normally would. 

Next, tie a length of Paracord to the other end of your lights, string it through the Carabineer on the 2nd pole, and screw the pole in to the receiver.
Finally, pull the Paracord until the lights are to the top, and tie off the Paracord

Now wasn’t that simple? We know it’s better than the old way.