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SaveAwn Awning products are designed to simplify your RV experience, to protect your awning investment, and enhance your overall camping experience without the worries of losing your awning in high winds or camping in the dark.

SaveAwn Awning Reinforcement systems are designed to reinforce and support your electric awning in winds of up to 25 MPH. 

There are many schools of thought on whether or not to pull in your awnings all the time. We have devised a system to help support your awning and relieve you of your fear of loosing that expensive awning.

Awning repairs can run in the thousands of dollars. We don’t want you to have to endure that type of expense, or frustration.

Our system can not only withstand winds of up to 25MPH, but we have also devised a solution to hanging those beautiful awning lights without the need for ladders, or additional strain on your awning.

With the included light hanging hardware, you can raise and lower your awning lights securely from the ground.


Kelly SpittlerKelly Spittler
11:56 30 May 23
Purchased our SaveAwn a few years back. Our trip to the windy city (Chicago) was the true test. As other campers pulled their awnings in we were able to continue enjoying the shade and comfort of our awning.The easy one time installation of the brackets was simple and now we set up are awning with lights in just a few minutes.Thank you, SaveAwn!
Michael NavarroMichael Navarro
04:03 30 May 23
I love this reinforcement system ! We do a lot of camping on the California coast and the wind can really kick up...but with this I've put out my awning and left it out when most other campers are pulling them in. Very easy to set up and works like a charm, add this to your rig for some peace of mind, you won't regret it!
Wayne EnterkinWayne Enterkin
00:10 14 May 23
This is one of those products that you just have to say, “wow, why didn’t I think of that”. This system is as simple as it is ingenious. Applying tension and compression to the awning arms just locks them in place. Ordering was easy. I had a couple questions and Justin returned my call in just a few minutes. Even provided a discount code to use when I ordered. Took me about 20 minutes to install, and another 5 or so to set up for first time. I have already experienced conditions where I would have brought my awning in previously. 10-15 mph wind with a few gusts, and the awning arms are rock solid. Very happy with this purchase.
Kristy RowellKristy Rowell
04:07 18 Apr 23
Amazing product! Found these a couple years ago in Quartzsite. After having experienced our awning blowing over our rig once, we all but stopped using our awning ever. Now, with our SaveAwn Awning Reinforcements, we are enjoying the breezes and gentle rains without worry.
d&j Balld&j Ball
23:51 22 Mar 23
We have two sets of SaveAwn for our 22 Reflection 337rls. It took about 90 min. to install the brackets (most of that spent on the learning curve of the first one) Having the system has greatly increased the use and value of our awnings! The poles and tie downs are easy to use while we are camping. We don't leave them extended if we are anticipating a storm, but they have been in use with wind gusts over 30 mph. We have had RV awnings for over 30 years. The use of this system has allowed us to keep awnings extended much of the time without stress. We highly recomend SaveAwn to everyone that asks.
Todd HuebnerTodd Huebner
00:42 22 Mar 23
Works great. Now we can have awning out In windy conditions
Bill PetreeBill Petree
00:39 22 Mar 23
We love these awning support poles. Enables us to leave the awning out when a little wind whips up.


All SaveAwn Awning Reinforcement kits come complete for securing your awning, and each kit contains:

  • (2)  Stainless steel powder coated brackets and (2) anodized aluminum Receivers
  • (2) 5′ min. to 12′ max. Aluminum extendable poles
  • (2) Aluminum Tie down brackets with integrated light hanging functionality
  • (2) 250lb. test strength 15′ Tie down straps
  • (2) Steel 12″ tie down stakes
  • (2) Aluminum carabiners (for light hanging)
  • All stainless steel black oxide mounting hardware necessary for installation

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