Installation Instructions



    1. Check inside awning arm at upper end (Top) for clearance before drilling holes. Watch for cables and/or other brackets (Fig. a)

    2. Mark holes for U Bracket mounting at top front face of awning arm. Be sure to align the holes vertical in line with the awning arm on the outside surface. Drill with 5/16 drill bit
    3. Remove white plastic protective coating from U Brackets to reveal Stainless Steel
    4. Install U Bracket using (2) 1” bolts and lock nuts on each awning arm
    5. Install Receiver on U Bracket using 1-1/2” bolt and locknut. Do not over tighten. Receiver must swivel freely (Fig. a)
    6. Repeat for both awning arms.



Please check your Collet tension, as screws may have loosened during shipping. Both collets should be snug on the pole, so as not to come apart during use.

Also, note that should your clamps become loose due to use, the adjustment can be made on each clamp using the Clamp tensioner screw



This video will show you how to reassemble your pole, should it pull apart.

In some cases, if the collet is not properly tightened, the pole can come apart. 

Do not be alarmed.

This can happen over time from use and can be easily fixed