Q: How long are the poles?
A: The poles extend from 5ft. to 12ft to accommodate all RV awning heights

Q: What winds are these rated for?
A: The SaveAwn system has been thoroughly tested at wind speeds of up to 25MPH

Q: Will this damage my awning material?
A: No.  All manual awnings are already designed to work in this fashion, by supporting the actual framework. The SaveAwn is designed to work the same as a manual awning, in the sense that it ties the awning to a solid waypoint and solidifies the framework itself. There is no need to worry about the material, as it has been a functioning system for many, many years.

Q: What if I have a wind sensor on my rig?
A: We suggest turning off the wind sensor when the SaveAwn is in use. Although, the SaveAwn can very easily be released, and the awning retracted while the poles are still attached.
Many retraction systems are not prepared for sudden gusts of wind, and therefore don’t have the ability to retract quick enough. Our system will allow you to retract the awning when ready.

Q: How does the SaveAwn handle the rain?
A: When deploying your awning, simply adjust 1 corner of your awning lower than the other to allow for rain runoff. Then adjust the pole underneath to the appropriate height to support it.  This will allow the water to run off as it falls.

Q: Can I use the SaveAwn in conjunction with my Shade-Pro awning Shade or equivalent?
A: Absolutely! As a matter of fact, it is highly suggested in order to help support the awning framework. The SaveAwn will help solidify the entire setup